Can Flooded Carpet Be Salvaged?

Posted on: 23 June 2015


Water is a good and necessary part of life, but it can also be something that causes destruction. When water floods your home, it can leave your home in ruins and your belongings damaged, including the carpeting in your house. If your carpet was affected by this flooding, you may want to find out if it can be salvaged. In most cases, it is better to replace flooded carpet; however, there are times when it can be saved.

The Most Important Factor

When determining whether to salvage your carpet or get rid of it, the most important factor to consider is the type of flooding that occurred. You should examine why the flooding happened, what caused it, and what type of water it was that entered into your home. There are three main categories that you should understand:

  • Sanitary flooding – When flooding occurs with sanitary water, you could decide to keep your carpet. Sanitary flooding involves water that is not contaminated with anything. This type of water often comes from rain or plumbing leaks. If you have either of the other two types, you should not consider keeping your carpet.
  • Unsanitary flooding – If the water that floods your home is even just slightly contaminated, it can be too hard to sanitize the carpet that gets wet. Unsanitary water comes from plumbing leaks (involving waste water) and water sources that contain bacteria.
  • Black water flooding – Black water is water that comes directly from a sewage system, and this type of water is highly contaminated with bacteria and microorganisms.

If the water that entered your home is sanitary water, you could decide to keep your carpet; however, you may still want to consider replacing it. With either of the other types, you should plan on ripping out the carpet as soon as possible.

The Steps Needed To Restore Wet Carpet

If you decide to keep your carpet after the flooding occurs, you may want to call a professional carpet cleaning company to help you restore it. You may also need to hire a flood restoration company to help you clean up the mess you have and make any necessary repairs needed. Here are some of the steps that will need to be taken to salvage your carpet:

  1. Stop water flow – If water is still flowing into your house, your first step should be to stop it. Until the water stops, there is not much you can do. Any work you do perform will simply be a waste of time, money, and energy.
  2. Remove everything from the room – When you have wet carpet, you must get everything off of it. This includes furniture and anything else that might be present. You may want to move these items into your garage while you work on restoring the carpet.
  3. Let it dry – If the carpet is completely saturated with water, you will need to first extract the water from it, and this is something a carpet cleaning company can do for you. After most of the water is out, you will need to place fans in the room to help the carpet dry out as quickly as possible. As it is drying, make sure you stay off of it. Walking on it may damage the fibers on the bottom of the carpet.
  4. Clean and sanitize the floors – Once the carpet is completely dry, you will need to clean it thoroughly with a professional carpet cleaning machine. You will then need to sanitize the carpet with a cleaning solution designed for carpet, or you could use a vinegar solution.

Cleaning your carpet may help you save money on the flood restoration steps, but before you decide to do this you may want to talk to your home insurance company. They can tell you if the flood restoration costs would be covered by your policy, and this might have an effect on what you decide to do.

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