3 Tips For Remodeling A Home Damaged By Flood Waters

Posted on: 20 September 2017


A sudden increase in precipitation or the presence of a tropical storm could cause residential areas to flood. Rising flood waters can significantly damage homes, making it challenging to remodel these properties in the future.

If you are thinking of remodeling your home after it has been damaged by flood waters, here are three tips that you should keep in mind to ensure the home remodeling process is a successful one:

1. Take the time to completely dry out your property.

Before you can begin the remodeling process, you need to ensure that the materials found within your home have dried out completely. Flood waters have the potential to saturate tile, wood, and insulation.

If these materials aren't dried properly prior to remodeling, you may experience mold and mildew problems within your home in the future. Invest in some industrial fans and a large dehumidifier to help you dry out your home in a hurry once flood waters have receded.

2. Salvage materials in order to reduce remodeling costs.

Investing in the remodeling of a flood-damaged home can be costly. If you are hoping to restore your home to its original beauty without breaking the bank, it can be beneficial to salvage any building materials that you can prior to beginning the remodel project.

Some common items that can be saved after a flood include metal doors and doors constructed from solid wood. Be sure that your completely dry these salvaged items before installing them in your home as you complete a remodel in the future.

3. Make flood-friendly remodeling choices.

As you remodel your home following serious damage by flood waters, it can be helpful to make choices that will reduce the amount of damage your home will sustain in any future floods that hit your area.

Instead of replacing your flooring with laminate, tile, or wood, opt for concrete floors instead. Concrete can easily be dried out following a flood, and you can treat your new concrete flooring with a variety of stains and glazes to create a unique aesthetic within your home.

Being able to remodel your home after it has been damaged by flood waters is important. Ensure that your remodel doesn't become a source of stress by drying out your home thoroughly before beginning any remodeling work, salvaging materials to help reduce remodeling costs, and investing in flood-friendly design upgrades during a remodel in the future.